Useful Links


The Cozy Girrrls - plans hardware and much more
RST Engineering - Antenna supplier
Locks, seals and other hardware
Tracy Crook - Rotary Aviation ECU, Redrive, etc.
Exhaust parts
Norton zircon sandpaper supplier
Scales and balances
LED-based wingtip lights & special batteries
Massive hardware supplier
Econo-Ply peel ply
Aviation Oxygen
Todd's Canopies
constant speed props
Ken Miller - pitch trim and other stuff for Canards


LongEZ info
Aviation Oxygen Usage
NACA ducts info
NACA exhaust augmentation onfo
cool EZ stuff
downdraft cooling
Paul Yaw - Another rotary expert
EAA Chapter 1000 work tables
fly rotary list web page - a must for rotary enthusiasts
Good aviation information
LED info
Weather info
Cozy mail list FAQ
Cozy mail list search engine
Canard Aviators mail list search engine
ERacer - Roch laRocca