Web Sites

Web sites are an excellent way to document your progress in detail, and to see what other builders are doing. The list below is not complete, and it is outdated daily. If you dind an incorrect link, have or know of a builder site that isn't listed, or would like a web site of your own, send me a PM in the forum. Web sites for active builders are free and supplied with a content management system for easy maintenance.

Official Cozy Site
Cozy Builders Unofficial Web Site
Cozy Builder / Flyer Google map
Canard Wiki


Brett Ferrell
Bulent Alieve
Brian DeFord
Norm Muzzy
John Slade
Jannie Versfeld
Matt Bunch
Ken Reiter
Dewey Davis
Marco Scaglia
Mark Beduhn
Rego Burger
Brian DeFord
Kevin/Carrie Funk
Yair Gil
Joe Hull
Daryl/Kim Lueck
Tim Merril
Norman Muzzy
Nat Puffer
Alain Raposo
Dave Domeier/Curt Smith
Keith Spreuer
Oreste Muccilli
Chris vanHoof
Jannie Versfeld
Pat Young
Carlos and Ruben Leon
Al Wick
Jerry (Skip) Schneider
Note: If you're flying a canard, and not in the above list, please send let me know in the forum and I'll add your link. John Slade.


Chris Barber / Dave Staten - Velocity
Mike Beasley
Wayne Hicks
Rick Maddy
Chrissi & Randi - The Cozy Girrrls
Wydo van de Waerdt / Johan van den Akker
Jay Hegemann
Bob Bittner
Clark Canedy
Jean Jacques Claus
Neil Clayton
Kevin Dove
Charles Furnweger
Steve Harmon
Jay Hegemann
Jason Heath
L. Wayne Hicks
Rick Irwin
Ken Knevel
Roch laRocca
Connor Luckett
Rick Maddy
Chris Martin
George Mellen
Denny Mortensen
Larry Rasmussen
George Rippeto
Chad Robinson
David Schilder
Bernard Siu
d'Armond Speers
Jim Springer
Bryan Stone
Rob Tester
Gerhard Ungerer
Wydo Van de Waerdt & Johan van den Akker
Dave Wilenius
Jeff Wilson
Larry Wimble
Nathan Wolfe
Phillip Johnson
David Bochna
Tom Gillespie
Rick Russel
Note: If you're building a canard and are not in the above list, please send let me know in the forum so I can add your link. John Slade.