Chapter 23 - Engine

Bulent's Cosmo 13B engine assembled and ready to go Despite it's proven history and suitability for the Cozy IV, I didn't like the idea of using 40 year old "Lycosaurus" technology to power my futuristic looking airplane. I particularly didn't like the idea of having to use an engine, parts of which had been manufactured before Kennedy became President, and which had been reconditioned multiple times since. The prospect of spending $20,000 and huge maintenence costs for this dubious privilege led me to look for something better, safer and, yes, cheaper.

I don't have the knowledge or skills to rebuild and install an automotive engine in an airplane. Some builders are already expert engineers or have chosen to go through the learning curve and do all the work themselves. I decided to approach the job of Installing a rotary engine much in the way one might handle getting a house built, i.e. choose the experts and manage the work. I know the Mazda is going to take longer to do than simply screwing on an 0-360, but I've set things up so that the engine isnít on the critical path. I'm working on all sorts of other stuff (like paint, electrics etc.) while I stumble along the automotive engine learning curve.

I've broken this chapter into lots of parts.

Research, discussion and assembly

Getting everything together

Research - Greg Richter's Turbo 13B


Trial fitting the engine - pictures

Identifying the ports


Making the cowling

Air Conditioning

Intake System

Cooling System

A lot of Cozy builders have expressed interested in the Mazda engine. Mine will probably be the first Mazda powered Cozy IV to fly. I will try to leave 'tracks in the sand' for others to follow. Eventually I hope we will end up with a firewall forward solution which can be ordered from the various suppliers listed in this chapter. In the meantime, my advise to those who are wrestling with the choice of engine for their own bird is simple. Wait. Wait as long as you can. If you haven't almost completed the airframe, don't even think about the engine. Get on and build you're airframe per plans. It may be a couple of years or more before you're forced into a choice of engine. By that time the choice may be a no brainer, one way or the other.....

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