Credits & Acknowledgements

Oh, I have stirred the slurry bonding mix,
And dreamed the day I'd finish the wings;
Forever I've stippled, and peel plied the boxy fus
Which is still a boat- and done a hundred things
I had never dreamed of- scratched and squinted and swore
Down in my basement Stooping there,
I've chased a wayward AN bolt and knocked
My wet lay-up to the ground.
Read, re-read the long, detailed instruction book
I've still done dumb things with easy grace
Which never Vance or Nat would do.
And, whenever my clammy, rubber mask I've worn
A sudden, uncontrollable itch begins
Put up my hand, and epoxyed my face again.

             Steve Hagan, with apologies to Lt. Gillespie

People I owe rides to

  • Phil Collins, for sending me a free set of hidden rudder springs
  • My buddy, Bill, for all the tools I borrowed, broke or never returned
  • Bulent Aliev, for all his good advice, and to make him green with envy
  • Charlie, Todd and others from Ft Lauderdale EAA for helping me flip the plane
  • Chris Harris, cause he built my engine and his life is going to be on the line too
  • My Charrie for putting up with all the mess
  • Any Cozy builder, as inspiration to finish
  • My friend, Danny, because the poor sod's still driving spam cans
  • Ed the UPS guy (or his current replacement), for delivering most of my airplane
  • Eddie the Eagle the A/C guy, for helping me find fuel tank leaks
  • JD for his valuable input, and to prove it can be done
  • Dr. Marchand at Palms West Hospital ER, for fixing all my boo boos
  • Jeff Russell, for all his advise and support
  • Jack Wilhelmson, for making my controls hardware, and to demonstrate his confidence in his work
  • Nat puffer, for designing such an excellent airplane
  • A sales person from Wicks, for their excellent support
  • A sales person from AC Spruce, so I can test my passenger ejection seat (withdrawn, Aug '03. The test, not the ride.)
  • Wayne Hicks, out of sypathy 'cause he started before me and isn't done yet
  • Anyone who bought a puppy - you helped fund my prop purchase.
  • Dick Rabb for his excellent work debugging Merlin.
  • Tom Kimsey just 'cause he's such a nice guy.
  • Ted Barstow as inspiration to build a Cozy.
  • Augusto and his buddy, provided they show up with a part (any part - a seatback will do) from their own Cozy.
  • Chris from Steve's towing for being so careful transporting my plane to the airport
  • Dan, Dan the upholstery man for his work installing the cow
  • Roger from Japtrix, because he's configuring the engine I want to keep him on the ball
  • Rich Hughes, for finding the problem in his Cozy III BEFORE giving me a ride, and to inspire him to rebuild
  • Steve Brooks, for building me an electronic gizmo to connect the EC2 to a laptop