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EZ Owner and/or Builder Registration Form

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It has been suggested that we need a database of Canard builders and flyers. Please enter you're information below. What you enter here will be posted to the list of EZ builders / owners. Don't enter information such as street address or phone numbers if you want to keep it private. Eventually I'll provide search and sort capabilities. Your data will be added to the bottom of the list

Owner / Builder Information

E-mail Address: Web address: Name: Company Name: Street: City: State/Region : Zip/Postal Code: Country: Phone (Work) : Phone (Home) : Phone (Cell) : Phone (Fax ) : Local Field :

AIRPLANE Information

Who Built it?: Me Someone else Original Builder: Date Started: Date Purchased: Model: Registration #: Flying?: Yes No Stage %: Working on: Still To Do : Engine: HP: Prop: Modifications: First Flt Dte: Hours Flown: As of date:

Please press the SUBMIT button once and once only.

Thanks for your input. Bear with me while I assemble it all into an html page.
John Slade

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