Cozy MKIV Parts lists

Two builders went to a lot of trouble to compile spreadsheets of the Wicks' Cozy IV parts list. Terry Pendergrass send me a full parts list based on Wick's listing, and James Russell sent me a parts list broken down by chapter.

Thanks to their efforts, these lists are now available to all.

A few people have had trouble reading the above, probably because they're using an older version of Excel. I've resaved the parts lists in Excel 2.0 format. By part type and by chapter. If these don't work for you, I'd suggest an Excel upgrade.

Terry Pendergrass sent me another spreadsheet which I haven't looked at in detail. I believe it has the prices as of the 2000 catalog. Again it's available in Excel '97 format or in Excel 2.1 format in two sections, one for parts and one by chapters.

Rather than post all the usual disclaimers let me just say that there is at least one error in each spreadsheet. Please let me know if you find it.