Picture Gallery

In February 01, Cozy Builder Jerry Snider stopped by for lunch and a project visit and took a bunch of very high quality digital shots of my project. He picked a good time to visit since the airframe was complete, but I hadn't had time to cover up all the mistakes with final paint and upholstery. On top of this, he ripped off all the covers and crawled around under the plane snapping away like a banshee. As a builder well into his own project, Jerry knew what to take pictures of. While nothing substitutes for a personal project visit, I think these images may be of help to other new builders who are trying to get a feel for how something they're building fits into the big picture.

The images are sufficiently good to be embarrasing. They show up every repair, mistake and epoxy drip. In many cases the images show multiple parts of the project - e.g. canard attach points and fuselage top hinges. Rather than incorporate all these images into the chapters, or make thumbnails for each, I've decided to list and catagorize them in a gallery. I've itemized the parts shown in each picture in order of view. Hopefully you'll be able to find a picture of what you're looking for by searching the text descriptions.

I've also included a zip file of all the pictures (4 MB) in case anyone would like download them for easier / faster viewing.

Instrument panel, nose wheel cover, control sticks, center console, baggage cutouts.
Baggage cutouts, walnut trim, control stick, front armrest, shoulder support
Canard attach point, fuselage top, elevator linkage, nose wheel cover
Instrument panel forward, wright auto trim, Ventilation ducts, fuselage top attachments
Nose wheel cover
Rudder pedals
Rudder pedals, brake master cylinder, nose lift
Nose lift, rudder pedals
Rudder pedals, nose wheel cover
Main gear attach point
Main gear, heat duct, naca scoop
Matco brakes, wheel & main tire
SS firewall, rudder aileron control linkages, heat duct 
SS firewall, rudder aileron control linkages, heat duct, fuel vent 
Spar, wing attach points
Canard upside down, elevator linkages, canard cover, antennae
Canard, elevator linkage
Canard upside down, elevator linkages, canard cover, antennae
walnut control stick, canopy latch, armrest
Nose, landing light, nose door, canard cover, hockey puck, pito head A real nice shot
landing light inside ballast area
Nose gear leg, nose lift attach
Nose lift attach, nose leg cover
Canopy, strake, fuselage top, hidden canopy hinges, ventilation, main wheel, finishing, wing You've just gotta see this one
Wing attach points, Bailey looking on
Rudder, winglet, hidden bellhorns (but they're hidden so you can't see them)
Rudder, winglet, hidden bellhorns (but they're hidden so you can't see them)
Wing root, rudder cable, aileron linkage
Wing root, aileron root bearings
Rear inside, spar, sight guages, heat duct, rear windows
Canopy inside, canopy support, rear windows, missing canopy bulkhead
Rear inside, main gear attach point, heat duct, spar
Rear inside, fuel lines, aileron linkage, gear attach
Rear armrest, headset jacks, aileron linkage
Front inside, armrest, canopy latch, walnut stick, baggage cutout
Firewall, cowling lip, rudder linkage, unfinished micro fairing - ugh!
Main gear, heat duct, brake lines, naca scoop