• Electrical Stuff: Aeroelectric Connection
  • Wheels Brakes and joysticks: Infinity Aerospace
  • Prefab Cozy hardware: Ken Brock
  • Aerocad - prefab quick build partsAerocad Inc.
  • RST - Antenna parts & neat electrical stuff RST
  • Polyfiber - Primer & FinishingPolyfiber
  • Rudder pedals: Dennis Oelmann
  • A Better nose bearing, a new noselift and other good stuff: Jack Wilhelmson
  • Torx screws for the cowl and lots of other
  • Steve Wright: noselift
  • Alex Strong: electric pitch system
  • Electric Actuators: Warner Electric
  • Bill Theeringer: Nose Gear ratchet, Antenna Baluns, Cabin Heater, Teflon Hinge pins, 12/24 V converter and more
  • Aircraft Plastics: Canopy and windows - 937-669-2677
  • Todd's Canopies: Canopy and windows - 954-579-0874, Website
  • Bob Bittner's Better Canopy Latch
  • Nav lights, Vortex generators and more
  • Gary Hall Teflon aileron & rudder hinge system
  • Wayne Lanza's neat electrical stuff for Cozys
  • Ken Millers stuff for EZ's
  • Ralph Krongold and his I-K 2000 Flight Engine monitor.
  • FeatherLite: Makers of prefab parts. Box 781, Boonville, CA 95415, 707-895-2718
  • Rutan Aircraft Factory, Building 13 - Airport, 1654 Flightline, Mojave, CA 93501. Tel 661-824-2645 or 805-824-2645. (area code may have changed). Flush Bellhorn Plans - $10 inc. shipping.
    Hours: Tuesday 0800 - 1600 hrs.
  • Rutan Aircraft Factory CDSays it includes all of the plans for the Long EZ, VariEze, VariViggen, Defiant and Solitaire plus all back issues of Canard Pusher!
  • Sportcraft Antennas. Bob Archer. Antennas. Highly recommended. Phone & FAX: (310) 316-8796
  • Home builders yellow pages
  • Cozy parts lists in a spreadsheet
  • Cozy Classic Canopy plans - $40 from Uli Woelter
  • Pictures of Greg Richter's front opening canopy

    Rotary Engine stuff

    Fly Rotary list
    Paul Lamar's ACRE newsletter
    George Graham's rotary powered Cozy
    Perry Mick's Long-EZ
    Tracy Crook, Real World Solutions
    Greg Richter's turbo 13B powered Cozy III
    Rotary engines in Switzerland
    Turbo rebuilds from oz
    Mazda parts from Georgia
    Mazda parts from RX7-Heaven in Memphis
    Mazda parts from California
    Leon Promet's company - An Aussie rotary expert
    Rebuilt engines and parts and how to videos - Bruce Turrentine (919) 212-0671


    official Cozy site
    unofficial Cozy site
    Canard Web SIte
    EZ squadron
    A survey of flying canards
    The results of above survey
    "Electronic Canard Pusher" from issue 01 (May 1974) to issue 82 (October1995) Original and bulk of work by Stet Elliot withadditional later work by Keith. Single MSDOS ASCII text file (no pictures/diagrams) 1.6MB zipped 4.0MB expanded.


  • Brian DeFord's Cozy MK-IV Adventure
  • Mark Zeitlins Cozy
  • Wayne Hick's Cozy IV Project
  • Jannie Versfeld
  • Rick Maddy
  • Chrissi & Randi - The Cozy Girrrls
  • Norm Muzzy
  • Jerry (Skip) Schneider
  • Wydo van de Waerdt / Johan van den Akker
  • Greg Richter's jet Cozy
  • Bulent Alieve
  • Jay Hegemann

    Other places of interest

  • Looking for a partial project or finished plane? - contact David Orr
  • A roster of people building or flying rotary engines
  • A neat free panel planner
  • Almost anything for an airplane
  • Rick Maddy's Cozy search engine
  • Canard Aviation Forum.
  • Char's list of items missing from the house
  • Top 10 uses for left over blue foam